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About the Happiness Club
The Happiness Club promotes the benefits of happiness and spreads smiles, love and positivity. It is open to everyone who seeks more happiness and is based on the philosophy that we can decide to be happy now, rather than depend on others or the circumstances of our life to make us happy. The club promotes the science of happiness and the benefits of adopting a positive mental attitude.
Our happiness club meetings offer an encouraging common sense view of life, helping people to change the things they can and accept the things they can’t. The club focuses away from the negative and aims to be uplifting, inspiring and optimistic. Club meetings allow you to be in the moment and get in tune with your most positive thoughts and feelings. If you need some emotional CPR (continuous positive reinforcement), surround yourself with positive people and get happy!
Why be happy?
Why not? When you decide to be happy, everything works better – problems get resolved or they no longer have a negative effect on you. Life is short and science shows that happy people live longer by about 10 years, are healthier, kinder, suffer less stress and confusion, have better focus, patience, tolerance and self-control, enjoy inner peace, enhanced relationships and simply enjoy life more. Choosing happiness can help you realise your highest aspirations and turn challenges into opportunities. Happiness can help you to become all that you can be...
Next steps
Happiness is infectious so come along and join the fun! We meet once a month for a couple of hours of inspiration, friendship and support. There are presentations on various aspects of happiness along with regular features to inspire and uplift. Also available are workshops, personal sessions, group leader training and a book library.
We hold special induction meetings for new member where you will learn all about the club and how it could benefit you. New members are more than welcome to try our brand of happiness with no obligation and no charge. If you decide to join the Happiness Club there is a fee of £5 to pay each time you attend and you will need to buy a Happiness Journal personal workbook for £3.50. There are no hidden fees or contracts. Our regular meetings are on the first Thursday of the month.
There are no joining fees and your first new member’s induction meeting is free. If you’d like to keep coming after that, there is a £5 fee to pay each time you attend (no charge for missed weeks) and you will need to purchase a Happiness Journal for £3/ There are no hidden charges or contracts. You can stop your membership at any time but, of course, we hope you will love it so much that you will come regularly!
Absolutely everyone is welcome! Come alone or with a friend – you will be warmly welcomed. We love to see new people coming to the club!
Meeting dates for 2015 are:
7th May
4th June
2nd July
6th August
3rd September
1st October
5th November
3rd December
Email Ruth for further details and to book your place:
 Dr Ruth Searle, marine biologist, author and founder of the Happiness Club
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