Humpback Whale Research Foundation -
Humpback Whale Research Foundation
The Humpback Whale Reserach Foundation was set up by Dr Ruth Searle to conduct scientific research into humpback whale ecology and behaviour. The foundation aims to contribute to our understanding of these vulnerable animals, which can lead to more effective conservation and management.
The foundation aims to:
* Conduct scientific research on humpback whale ecology and behaviour, collaborate with other researchers and publish its findings in peer review journals.
* Share its findings with everyone through public talks, lectures and books and promote the appreciation, understanding and conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises and their marine habitat (info about humpback whales).

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Humpback Whale Research Foundation is a Partner of Planet Whale, the world’s largest online search engine for whale and dolphin watching trips. The Planet Whale partnership includes commercial Whale and Dolphin Watch Operators, Cetacean Conservation Organisations and individuals with a shared passion and goal: to develop a high quality, sustainable whale watching industry that will benefit whales, dolphins and the people that spend their lives with them.
Humpback Whale Research Foundation
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